Copyright © Jeff Mamett

If you met singer/songwriter Jeff Mamett, you’d find a soft spoken,  living by the code cowboy.  Jeff’s songs tell stories.  They have an authentic, earthy quality, colorful imagery and a sprinkling of wry humor. 

At 13, he began playing with older musicians at dances and bars.  After high school, he honed his craft on the road with club bands.  Jeff then made the move to L.A. and later to Nashville, playing with various artists, doing studio work, clubs and touring.

When he and his wife started having children, being home to be a dad took top priority.  Jeff hung up his bass and went to work in the cattle business.

"I really didn't do any playing at all until after the kids were grown.  In a way, I might be like Rip Van Winkle, except I wasn't sleeping and was constantly listening to new music." 

In 2013, a new guitar bought on a whim opened the flood gates and ideas for songs started coming in the middle of the night.

Those tunes turned into Jeff’s debut album entitled   Here’s Your Hat...

A new album is currently in the works with tracking nearly done.  

"I tend to experience the world in pictures. Songs come into my mind like mini-movies.  Musically, the goal is to provide the right setting for the story to live in.  I think we really have it dialed in this time."

 Stay tuned for a Fall 2018 release!